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Minority Engineer Magazine, launched in 1979, is a career- guidance and recruitment magazine offered at no charge to qualified engineering or computer-science students and professionals who are African-American, Hispanic, Native American, and Asian American. Minority Engineer presents career strategies for readers to assimilate into a diversified job marketplace.

This magazine reaches minority engineers nationwide at their home addresses, colleges and universities, and chapters of student and professional organizations.

If you are an engineering student or professional who is a member of a minority group, Minority Engineer is available to you FREE!

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 Vault Releases 2017 Best Internship Rankings

Vault.com, an online resource for employer, university and internship program rankings, ratings and insight, has released the findings from its most recent survey in which it polled more than 11,000 current and former interns from more than 100 employers.
From it gleaned its 2017 Best Internship Rankings, based on respondents’ answers that rated and reviewed their own internship experiences. The survey also asked interns to rate the prestige of other employers, to determine which internships are the most desirable.
The survey highlights the top programs in 13 categories, including the Most Prestigious Internships, the Best Overall Internships, the programs offering the Best Quality of Life and Career Development, and the best industry-specific internships.
This year’s winners include:
Top Overall Internship: Evercore Advisory Summer Analyst & Summer Associate Program
Best Internship for Quality of Life: Elliott Davis ENVISION Summer Internship Experience
Best Internship for Career Development: Evercore Advisory Summer Analyst & Summer Associate Program
See also related tables on this page, and view the complete Vault 2017 Best Internship Rankings at vault.com/internship-rankings.
“As everyone knows, an internship is essential to college students looking to advance their careers in a chosen industry,” said Tara McCaffrey, Vault vice president, marketing.
“Companies are looking to recruit top talent before they graduate college and are using internships as the best way to assess potential employees. At the same time, college students view internships as the best way to test-drive their chosen career path. These rankings offer students an opportunity to determine which companies are the best fit for their career goals.”
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Source: Vault.com
The Top 20 Most Prestigious Internship Programs for 2017
Google Named Most Prestigious Internship to Have on Resume for Second Consecutive Year
1. Google
2. Apple
3. Facebook
4. Goldman Sachs & Co.
5. Microsoft Corporation
6. Tesla Motors
7. JPMorgan
8. Nike
9. The Walt Disney Company
10. Morgan Stanley
11. Amazon
12. PwC
13. Twitter
14. IBM
15. ESPN
16. Deloitte
17. Berkshire Hathaway
18. McKinsey & Company
19. The Boston Consulting Group
20. Intel
Top Industry-Specific Internships
Further Rankings Break Down to Include Top Internship Lists for Nine Industry-Specific Categories
1. Best Accounting Internship: Frank, Rimerman + Company LLP’s Summer Internship
2. Best Consulting Internship: Bain & Company Associate Consultant and Summer Associate Programs
3. Best Energy Internship: Westar Energy Internship Program
4. Best Financial Services Internship: Northwestern Mutual Internship Program
5. Best Healthcare Internship: Aetna Summer Associate Program
6. Best Investment Banking Internship: Evercore Advisory Summer Analyst & Summer Associate Program
7. Best Media & Telecommunications Internship: Nickelodeon Animation Studio Nickternship Program
8. Best Retail & Consumer Products Internship: RAI Internship Program
9. Best Tech & Engineering Internship: Capital One Technology Development Program
Trends from Vault’s Internship Survey
More than half (56 percent) of internships resulted in a full-time job offer.
98 percent of respondents surveyed had paid internships.
46 percent of respondents said pay was the ultimate deciding factor when choosing an internship. Location was a close second at 45 percent, followed by career advancement in their chosen industry at 38 percent and the opportunity for a full-time job offer at 35 percent.
66 percent of respondents found campus recruiting the best way to learn about internships.
Two-thirds (66 percent) of respondents interned as juniors or seniors in college.
The majority (95 percent) of respondents relied primarily on their laptops for researching internships, but 28 percent also used their smart phones.
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